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To start, here are a few little secrets (or not so secrets) about me. I am a traveler at heart, always looking forward to my next adventure! I can’t live without photography, and I don’t mean to sound dramatic, I just really wouldn’t know how to creatively express myself without it. I have two sisters who I consider my built-in best friends. My dog Summer is my animal-soulmate and we sleep together every night (*Update: as of Dec 1st 2018 Summer has passed, and I feel like a part of me has gone with her. I miss her everyday, but I carry her in my heart forever). *Update – I now have a beautiful little chihuahua named Luna who is my new little child. I was born (and live) in Canada, by the way, but my blood is Italian. I’m a foodie. I love cooking, baking, trying new cuisines and experimenting in the kitchen. I have a huge sweet-tooth, hence the name “La Dolce Lisa” which is a play on “La Dolce Vita” meaning, ‘the sweet life’, and it’s what I strive for. I also enjoy art, books, music, makeup, fashion and anything beauty related. With that being said, if you’re a photographer, foodie, traveler, dreamer, book worm, animal lover, old soul, or kid at heart, I think you will enjoy my journey here.


You can also find me on instagram under the same name (@LaDolceLisa). – Lisa
Now also on YouTube HERE!



By LaDolceLisa

Passionate photographer, food enthusiast, wanderer and so much more! You can follow me on Instagram or YouTube @LaDolceLisa

17 replies on “Welcome!”

Ciao “dolce lisa” sorry for my english…tks for yours videos in rome..i’m Roman but never was eat to roscioli or fortunata. ..u will come again in rome?..

Thanks so much Enrico! I am happy to share some of those spots with you, especially Roscioli, you will love it!! 🙂 I will be back again in about 1 month!

I love your photography and quotes. When will you visit India? It is a lot of beautiful places, you can keep memory and photos in your collection.

Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing your adventures! We are thinking of going to the Countryside in Poland.We live in Florida,United States.Are there some nice country areas that you liked in Poland?The food looks delicious! People seem very hospitable and want you to enjoy their culture!I was wondering about a song that you played throughout your video. At one point it is at the 7:48 mark. It is such an inspiring tune. What is the name of it?It makes me feel like dancing! :)Hope you are doing well!You are beautiful!God bless your heart!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment! We visited Krakow and a small village, as well as Auschwitz sadly. The Polish people are very kind! I wish I could remember the song name but you can hopefully shazam it! 💗

Thank you for letting us know about Poland and I will try Shazamming the song :)Merry Christmas to you and your family! Love and Peace,Tanjerini

Hi, love the blog, found it through Youtube and v helpful for planning my next Italy trip. One random Q – you had a really cool Gnocchi t shirt on – where would I get one like that?

That’s brilliant thanks, i’m in Europe but managed to get one shipped.

I don’t suppose you know Florence well at all and any recommendations for food and drink there? I got my own little favourites but next time I go want to try some new places

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