The Best Gelato In Rome – My Favourite Gelaterias

Having spent at least 1 year of my life in the Eternal City and being a self proclaimed gelato expert, I have carefully picked my top 7 favourite gelaterias in Rome. Don’t get me wrong, any gelato in Italy (even the not so good ones) are likely the best anywhere else. However, if you are planning a trip to Rome, you should definitely put at least one of these gelaterias on your To Do List. For just a few euros, this gelato is truly an orgasmic experience (I have a major sweet tooth, by the way). I will be sure to include my favourite flavours, as well as locations for your convenience. In no particular order, here we go…


Fiocco di Neve Via del Pantheon, 51, 00186

This gelateria is conveniently located just steps away from the Pantheon. They make the BEST Zabaione gelato I have ever tried anywhere else. Zabaione is basically a creamy custard-like dessert made of sugar, egg yolks, and Marsala wine. They also make a great affogato (gelato that has been ‘drowned’ in espresso). This gelato is so rich and creamy, I still have dreams about it. This flavour pairs nicely with their Chocolate Rice (Cioccolato Riso) flavour. A great treat to eat while taking in the beautiful sites.

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 46 02 AM


I Caruso – Via Collina, 13, 00187

This gelateria is one of my favourites for one very important reason – their panna (whipped cream) comes in a Zabaione flavour (ok, I really love zabaione). Not only is their gelato amazing, but once paired with that panna this gelato is truly on another level. They usually have a flavour of the week/month that is really great and should not be missed. I loved their pistachio flavour (but I happen to really love pistachio flavours in Italy, as it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried). There is also a flavour called Crema Come Una Volta that is similar to a creamy lemon and vanilla flavour that was really good. I rarely go for fruity flavours, but I was craving something more refreshing that day and it was delicious. I’ve been several times and you basically can’t go wrong here.

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 46 10 AM


Miami – Piazza Francesco Cucchi, 8, 00152

This gelateria was unique to me because it was one of the first I’d seen that offers to dip your gelato in chocolate (If you get it in a cone, I believe). It also has really unique flavours like caramel and fig. The one thing I remember when eating this gelato was how fresh it was. A good indicator of great gelato is when there are not too many flavours to choose from, as the few they have are sure to be delicious. I remember having a really amazing orange and chocolate flavour as well, so good! This gelato was really indescribably good so you’ll have to try it for yourself and then thank me later!

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 45 19 AM


Old Bridge – Viale dei Bastioni Di Michelangelo, 500192

This gelateria is literally around the corner from the Vatican Museum, and is also well known for having line ups that go around the corner. Usually I stay clear of places that seem to be touristy, however it was locals that introduced me to this spot, and I’m so happy for it. I always make sure to have this gelato when I’m in Rome as they make one of my favourite flavours ever – Ricotta Pistacchio! There are little cruncy and creamy bits of pistachio in this flavour, it’s just heavenly! In the hot Italian weather this gelato tends to melt quite quickly (which is also a great indicator of amazing gelato – not that hard Ice Cream that we are used to in Canada/USA, Italian gelato is truly melt-in-your-mouth perfection)! They also had a really nice Pinoli flavour as well.

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 46 22 AM


Giolitti – Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186

This gelateria is basically a MUST when in Rome, as it is truly loved by locals and tourists alike. It is quite central in Rome, however, it can be a bit tricky to find, so be sure to map it out before hand, as it should NOT be missed. They have many flavours and they are ALL good; I don’t think I’ve ever gone wrong here. If you are a chocolate lover they have the BEST Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate) flavour that I’ve ever tried. I also LOVE their Pistachio, and a little tip is to try the Pistachio flavour of any gelateria as it is usually a good indicator of it being worth your while or not. I am usually one for rich and creamy flavours, rather than fruity and light ones, but that is just my preference. I know however, that they do also make great fruity variations if you’re a fan. The best gelato and very central, you really have no excuses not to try this! (My photo isn’t the greatest, but I usually just goble up this gelato, so I didn’t have many options to choose from hehe).

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 45 43 AM


Il Gelato di Claudio Torce – Viale Aventino, 59, 00153 Roma, Italy

There are a few locations of this gelateria, so be sure to check good-old Google before hand, as there may be one closer to you. This gelato stands out to me because they have really unique flavours (and I mean truly unique, mixing even cheeses and wines etc…). They also have ‘normal’ flavours as well, I remember really having a peanut butter craving one day, and I mixed a salted dark chocolate flavour with their peanut flavour and it was amazing! If you are a chocolate lover they really have at least 15+ variations of chocolate ranging from white to the darkest of dark chocolate. Out of all the gelaterias mentioned, this one is definitely the most gourmet.

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 45 31 AM


Mizzica – Via Catanzaro, 30-36, 00161

Last but not least we have Mizzica which isn’t even a gelateria. This shop specializes in Sicilian treats both savory and sweet, and before I get to the gelato I need to say a few things… They make the BEST Cannoli I have ever tried, they make my favourite Cassatina (Mini Cassata Siciliana which is a ricotta cake), they make the best Sicilian granitas (a Pistachio flavour that is truly amazing and unique), they make the best Arancini (stuffed rice balls), and the list could go on and on. So to discover that one of my favourite spots also makes AMAZING gelato was a real revelation for me. Not only this, but you can eat it Sicilian style inside a Brioche – so good! You need to come here! If you have room for gelato after everything I’ve mentioned, you will definitely be one happy traveler. The best flavour I’ve tried was called Setteveli (7 levels), as they mix 7 different flavours and it’s likely the best invention in the world. You need to come here. It is sadly a bit out of the way from the center, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Photo 2017-07-12, 11 46 16 AM


There you go! My favourite gelato and gelaterias in Rome! This list has technically begun back in 2010 during my first visit to beautiful Roma, and I have not stopped since. During all this time I may have even forgotten a few favourites, however clearly these 7 have made a lasting impression on me, and for good reason! One thing to note is that you won’t find these gelaterias to feature flavours piled as high as the sky here. Those types of gelaterias, as well as ones featuring hundreds of flavours should be avoided. I don’t know about you, but I’m really thankful to be returning to my favourite city later this summer, if only for the gelato alone! I’m sure after this trip I may update this list as well so be sure to let me know of your favourites so I can check them out! Have you tried any of the gelaterias that I’ve mentioned? What is your go-to flavour? Mine is definitely Pistacchio!

– Lisa


7 thoughts on “The Best Gelato In Rome – My Favourite Gelaterias

  1. Lisa! It’s too much. Such a useful post and so lovely and if only my metabolism were what it was 30 years ago:-) I’m sure there is a law against this kind of post LOL. But seriously, thanks very much. Next time in Rome I shall do as the Romans do and follow at least some of your recommendations.

  2. I *loved* the gelato at Fior di Luna in Trastevere! The pistachio flavor actually tasted like pistachios (who would have thought, right?). Thanks for the other mentions – I look forward to sampling more next time I’m in Roma!

  3. You did an amazing job making me drool/crave all of those amazing flavours 👅🙊! Can’t wait to try a few of these places you highly recommend this summer ❤️

  4. Ah I adored this post!!! You honestly made me crave gelato soo bad & I’m so excited to be eating it all this Summer with you ❤️❤️❤️

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