BEST Tiramisù Recipe

For as long as I can remember I’ve been making Tiramisù. Growing up in an Italian household, this was a staple dessert that I have been perfecting for years. I would constantly make this by eye, but because it is one of the best things I make, this recipe is highly requested, so I decided to finally measure out all of my ingredients in order to formulate a recipe. I know this will be the best Tiramisu you ever try, it rivals those found in Italy, and believe me, I’ve eaten plenty! I really hope you give this recipe a try, as it is very near and dear to my heart. If you would like to watch me make this Tiramisu, you can find the video HERE. Without further ado, here is the written recipe and instructions:

Ingredients/ You Will Need:

* Espresso Coffee (about 2 cups) + 2 Tbsp Sugar + 2 Tbsp Marsala*optional
* 1 Box Lady Finger Cookies
*Cocoa Powder

– 1 475ml Mascarpone
– 2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
– 1 1/2 Cups Icing Sugar
– Zabaione (3 Egg Yolks, 3 Tbsp Sugar, 3 Tbsp Marsala) *See Instructions..


The first thing I do (while also doing other things), is get the coffee started. In this case we need to use Italian coffee, also known as espresso, as it is stronger, and ideal. I tend to brew two large machinettas of espresso, add 2 tbsp of sugar, marsala, mix, and set aside to cool. If it is not room temperature, a few ice cubes go a long way.

The next thing I do is prepare the zabaione, also known as the egg portion of this recipe. I have always loved the addition of eggs in this lovely Tiramisu cream, but only if they are cooked. What you need to do is, crack 3 egg yolks, add 3 tbsp of sugar, and 3 tbsp of marsala wine in a medium sized metal bowl. Whip this mix to incorporate, and prepare a pot of water filled about 1/3 of the way up on a medium heat. Place the bowl on top of the hot water, careful that the bottom of the bowl does not come into contact with the hot water. Continuing to whip this mixture non-stop until creamy, frothy, and cooked. This is the zabaione portion of the recipe, and you can watch me make this here.

Next we need to whip the mascarpone cream, in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment to make it smooth. Once smooth, add the zabaione and whip until incorporated. Finally add the cream and icing sugar, and whip until the cream is fluffy (but careful not to over mix). You want this thick, but not overly so, I usually do this for 3 to 5 minutes on a medium speed. You now have the cream ready for the tiramisu, and this cream is SO delicious.

Next, prepare a large baking dish, I use a glass one, as that is pretty iconic, (my dish is about 10×14 inches). It is good to create a station with your cookies, coffee, and cream. You will need to dunk your cookies into the cooled espresso, for about 2 seconds or so, and lay them in the dish, close to the next cookies until you have filled a row of espresso soaked cookies. This is a tricky part as you do not want to over or under soak your cookies. I tend to test a cookie by dunking it for 2 seconds and then biting it to see how much espresso it retained (keep in mind, it will get soft with the cream on top over night). If it is to your liking you can then layer about 1/2 the cream on top, smooth it out, and repeat. I usually do 2 layers, and this is the perfect amount to finish the box of cookies, the cream, and most of the espresso (but not all, as I generally make too much).

Now you will need to dust cocoa powder on top of this top layer and refrigerate for 8 hours or over night (the longer the better). This will soften your cookies, and be sure to set everything up nicely.

Watch me make this delicious Tiramisu HERE!

Thanks so much for watching, I know after you give this recipe a try it will become one of your favourites! I have been making, eating, and loving this Tiramisu for as long as I can remember, so I’m so happy to finally share this special recipe with you.

Love, Lisa (@ladolcelisa)


By LaDolceLisa

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