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How To Brown Butter | Browned Butter

I absolutely love the nutty flavour and aroma you get from browning your butter. Browned Butter (or Beurre Noisette) imparts an extra special element to any recipe. The toasty flavour develops by essentially cooking down the butter on a medium/low heat which removes access water, and then slowly turns the milk solids brown. This completely changes the taste of butter and adds a nutty more enhanced flavour. I personally love making browned butter chocolate chip cookies, which I have the written recipe for HERE, or the video recipe for HERE (they are seriously the BEST chocolate CHUNK cookies ever, thanks to the browned butter)! With that being said, I wanted to share this easy tutorial with you on how to properly brown butter. It is so versatile that it can be used in both savoury and sweet recipes, which will replace your average butter with browned butter. You can even use this warm liquid gold straight away, or cool it to slightly or completely solidify. I have also filmed a very short tutorial that you can watch HERE, as it always helps to have a visual video. Browning butter is simple, yet I find many people are slightly intimidated by this extra step in recipes, so I wanted to show you exactly how I brown my butter. The only tricky part is making sure you do not turn this into burnt butter, so be sure to follow along with me to achieve the best results.

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1 Cup Butter (225g)

For this recipe I use 1 cup of butter, but you can use more or less, and the steps are still exactly the same. I also use unsalted butter so that way I can add my own salt to any sweet or savoury recipe if I so choose. The butter I use is cold butter, but you can also use room temperature butter. It would likely just melt slightly quicker. A good idea is to also use a good quality butter.

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Browned Butter Instructions:

After measuring the 1 cup of butter, cut it into cubes or rough chunks (it will melt more evenly this way). Add the butter to a medium sauce pan.

On a medium to low heat, slowly melt the butter on your stove top, using a wire whisk. I am using 1 cup of butter and I like the extra room of using a medium sauce pan, if you are using more butter, of course increase the size of your pan.

After a few minutes, as you whisk the melted butter it will begin to bubble and foam. The white foamy bubbles will quickly turn brown and sink to the bottom of the pan. It is important to constantly stir at this point because we don’t want to burn these bits, just slightly toast them (It can go from nothing happening to burnt very quickly, so keep an eye on this butter). We are concentrating the butter flavour because the water is cooking out of the butter, which creates a nutty flavour and aroma.

The white foam will decrease, and once this butter has changed colour from yellow to an amber colour it has browned. Now you will remove it from the heat, and transfer it to a glass or metal bowl to cool. If you have some overly brown bits, simply leave them in the pan, they sink right to the bottom, so they are easy to leave out. You can watch me make this Browned Butter HERE.

Liquid gold: amber coloured Browned Butter

Depending on the recipe you are using, you can either use this butter right away in it’s warm liquid state, or cool this at room temperature and then transfer this to the fridge to solidify. When I use this in my chocolate chip cookie recipe, I like this to almost look a little sludgy, so in order to achieve these results, I refrigerate the butter and occasionally go into the fridge and stir the butter a bit. Otherwise, simply treat this as you would any butter, and leave it at room temperature for softer butter, or in the fridge for solid butter.

How simple was that? The entire process comes together in around 10 minutes, and you have a very special browned butter to use in your favourite recipes. Thank you for following along, and be sure to watch me make this browned butter in the video down below!

Love: Lisa (@ladolcelisa)


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